How to become a TED speaker? What to do to be a speaker of TEDx?

How to become a TED speaker? What to do to be a speaker of TEDx?

I often get the question of how to become a TED or TEDx speaker. There are several ways to do this. I invite you to continue reading 🙂

Interesting life, interesting passion, interesting initiative

Organizers of TED (main event) or TEDx (local), e.g. TEDxWarsaw, TEDxLondon etc. reach out to speakers by themselves. Each conference has a theme that is addressed by speakers in one form or another. Usually, technology, ecology, social, lifestyle, economics and health topics appear on the stage. Even if you do something ultra-interesting or have an idea that is worth spreading, your topic may simply not fit the convention or there are a few other people who are also representatives of the discipline.

I know from my experience at TEDxWarsaw that we are looking for interesting subjects and personalities. If you are such a person there is a chance that the TEDx organizer will simply come to you. Rather, topics such as leaving the comfort zone or the need to play sports will not be interesting, because there were already a lot of such presentations.

Make yourself known

Some organizations allow participation in so-called Open Auditions. At the audition, you present a fragment of your talk, the idea behind it and a bit about yourself. This gives you the opportunity to directly confront your idea of being on stage, and also to meet interesting people and TEDx volunteers. Soon TEDxWarsaw will be organizing auditions, I will let you know about the date in the new post. Come one, come all:)

Recommend the speaker

Many TEDx pages have a form in which you can submit candidates. You can briefly describe the candidate and why he or she should appear on stage. Sometimes some may lack the courage to apply or it doesn’t even come to mind. Do you know someone who has something valuable to say? Recommend him, and let the news spread. The consideration of such submissions lies with the organizers and is treated individually.

Speak to the organizers

The fourth method is simply to contact someone who works in TEDx. You can sometimes find contacts on the site. Tell us about your idea and why you should perform. Standing on the TEDx stage is a dream of many people. This is a unique adventure that starts a few months before the event and is remembered throughout your life. Good luck!

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