How to write a good TED Talk and present it?

How to write a good TED Talk and present it?

If you read this article, you have probably watched more than one TED Talk. Short form, a lot of interesting content, world experts, and well-prepared and tailored speeches have been captivating people all over the world for many years. Perhaps you dream of standing on a red dot and talking about important events in your life, scientific discoveries, or experiences gained at work.

What is TED? What is the difference between TED and TEDx?

TED was created as a concept of combining T (technology), E (entertainment), and D (design) into one conference. It became so popular that after some time, TED began to license independent volunteer organizers to organize local editions of TEDx.

Until now, almost 50,000 TED talks have been created, and events are organized in 170 countries.

How to become a TED speaker?

There are many paths to becoming a TED or TEDx speaker. You can send your application directly to the local TEDx organizer, ask for a recommendation, or do something high-profile in the media that will gain the organizers’ attention. You can learn more about how to become a TED speaker here.

How to write a TED talk?

The most important thing is the idea. This is where it all starts, not with a shocking introduction, gadgets, or PowerPoint presentation. Answer these questions:

  • What is my idea worth spreading?
  • What is the thesis of my talk?
  • What one sentence do you want the audience to remember?

Try to be specific, precise, and avoid abstract words, and instead make things concrete. For example instead of synergy of collaboration say teamwork.

How to write the beginning of a TED talk?

If you start well, you will attract the audience’s attention. Here, you will find specific tips on how to start any speech well, not just a TED talk.

How to write a body of a TED talk?

The main part of your talk should contain facts, evoke emotions, convey a point of view, but also arguments, and convey knowledge in an accessible way. Remember that a TED talk should be tailored to an audience that will not necessarily be an expert in your field. Storytelling will also work well as it will help you identify with your message and engage the audience more.

How to write the ending of a TED talk?

Imagine it’s an essay or a good newspaper column. Briefly summarize the most essential information, repeat the main idea, and add a call to action if it fits. The ending should be the essence of the whole talk.

How long should a TED Talk be?

The standard format is a maximum of 18 minutes. Currently, many organizers shorten this time because our attention span is much smaller than 20 years ago. During TEDx conferences, there are usually several or a dozen of these speeches. A short and to-the-point presentation will be better remembered. More time on stage does not equal better quality or level of expertise. If you are an expert in your field, you will not convey all your knowledge regardless of whether you have 2 or 5 minutes more.

Good luck on the red dot! 🙂

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