List of films and series on public speaking and self-presentation

"The King's Speech"

Becoming King is the story of King George VI, who struggled with stuttering. The hero tried various methods for many years, which did not bring any effect, until he finally found an unusual specialist … see the rest for yourself 🙂

"The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel"

American series about the career of a brave and original standup girl. The main character, Mrs. Maisel, does a standup routine in almost every episode. She does it with great class and style. The action is filmed in a dynamic way and it displays the colorful 60’s in America. The series, apart from educational value in terms of public speaking, is also pleasant entertainment.

"The Iron Lady"

Margaret Thatcher struggled with the problem of a screeching voice. Due to this and others problems, she was not taken seriously by her fellow politicians. How much can working on it help? Find out by watching this movie. By the way, you will see some very interesting speeches.

"Florence Foster Jenkins"

A very warm film about love and music. Divine Florence can be a great example of undisturbed self-confidence, as well as passion for what you do. The film also gives food for thought as to what is and what is not art.

"Dead Poets Society"

An inspiring and charismatic high school teacher instills the love of poetry in high school students. As befits a good linguist, he was also able to formulate sentences in such a way that they reached the students deeply.

"The Wolf of Wallstreet"

Joldan Belfor played by Leonardo DiCaprio often gives capitvating motivational speeches and sales pitches. Below is a fragment of one of them.

"Scent of a Woman"

“Scent of a Woman” is a classic from 1992. Al Pacino, who won an Oscar for his role, gives an oratorical performance in a scene where he defends a young boy.

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