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Coaching and individual public speaking training in Zurich

Coaching is a method that supports achieving goals, changing habits, and helps to look at your values, needs, and beliefs. As a coach, I do not advise, but focus on extracting the best in the client who relies on his resources (strengths, skills, experience, etc.)

The coach does not advise, teach, or analyze the past, and does not help reduce trauma. In this method, by definition, only the client is an expert on his life, and the coach only accompanies him on his way. During the session you can expect many in-depth questions, tools, and exercises, it is simply a partnership conversation between us in which I am your mirror and impartial observer.

Public speaking and stress management coaching


What topics can be discussed in coaching? Examples:

• building self-confidence on stage
• the ability not to care about the opinion of others
• coping with stress during speeches and interviews
• changing habits
• dealing with the internal critic
• strengthening of motivation
• achieving better results
• building a strategy to reach fans and recipients
• making an important decision
• problem with criticism of recipients

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General rules

Duration and frequency

Meetings last 60 minutes. We set the frequency individually. Usually sessions are held every 1-2 weeks for the best results. I care about making the client independent and showing the tools that will make him cope on his own in the future, without my help.

First meeting

How can you be sure that I will be the right coach for you? You can dispel such doubts at the first meeting, the so-called a contract session where we both decide whether we want to work together. The first session is free of charge, it lasts 30 minutes and takes place via one of the communicators, eg Meet, Zoom, Skype. During this meeting, we get to know each other, briefly discuss the principles of our work, your goal and set the rules, and then we move on to the coaching session.

Ethical standards

At work, I follow the Coach’s Code of Ethics according to the standards of the International Coach Federation. Before starting the coaching process, I will ask you to familiarize yourself with it. Everything we talk about is completely confidential and you are guaranteed that I will not disclose it anywhere. Trust and a sense of client safety are very important to me.


I work mainly in the online formula. We can connect through any application. This saves you time traveling and connecting to a meeting from anywhere in the world. The available technology allows you to conduct a meeting with the same result as in real life. If you want to see if this form suits you, arrange a free consultation. If you want to meet in person, it’s possible. I can commute to your office in the area of Zurich and Winterthur.

Who am I working with?

I work with people regardless of their level of advancement. I can support you in preparing for your first presentation at school or perfecting your speech at a conference for a thousand people or an interview on TV. I have experience in working with clients who work in business on a daily basis, as well as with academic lecturers and artists. Individual training in public speaking needs your involvement and this is my only entry criterion to start working with a client.

Offer of public speaking and stress management coaching


30 minutes


5 sessions package


10 sessions package -10%

Magda Kern

Public speaking trainer in Zurich

She has a unique combination of experience and education in many disciplines that help her comprehensively prepare clients for speeches. She gained knowledge of business, sales, business etiquette, and the latest standards from her studies at the Warsaw School of Economics. Furthermore, she has extensive experience from working in a corporation and successfully running her own companies. Recently, she has given many interviews on television, press, and radio, which reinforced in her mind the significance of self-confidence and self-presentation skills in front of a camera.

The second pillar is psychology and coaching. Magda is a psychologist, a certified UW trainer, and a PCC coach accredited by the International Coach Federation. She completed postgraduate studies in coaching, an advanced course in business coaching, and several dozen training courses in soft skills.

The third pillar is stage activity. She was performing in the Cuban musical “Conoce mi Cuba”. She studied the cello in the first-degree music school, and later in the second-degree jazz vocal class. She has performed at countless concerts and festivals. For many years she has worked to overcome the stage fright that kept her awake at night, and today, supported by her experience and knowledge, she can help other people overcome the same fear.

The fourth pillar of activity is TEDxZurich, in which she acts as Head of Speakers. She prepares speakers for their unforgettable speeches and designs their preparation process. So far, she has provided substantive support to speakers from several editions. In 2021 she was chosen as one of the top 11 public-speaking coaches worldwide 2021, according to the Coach Foundation ranking.

Opinions of my clients about individual trainings in public speaking in Zurich

Magda is great! Really like working with her. Thanks to Magda I was able to move to the next level of my presentation skills.– Piotr, Head of Poland Germany i EMEA
During my training with Magda I learnt how to manage my time during my public performance, overcome my stage fright, and concisely explain information. I could always count on honest feedback. Magda provided a stress-free and safe environment in which to practice and make progress. Not only did coaching improve my hard skills, but it also made me realize the significance of self-development. Results of coaching are visible both in the courtroom and in contact with clients. – Michał, Lawyer
Magda showed me plenty of exercises for diction, public speaking skills and giving presentations. She quickly recognised my level and offered me the most effective exercises to help me better defend my arguments and improve my presentation abilities.– Izabela, Innovative Associate

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