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Why do I provide individual public speaking training?

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I am Magda Kern. I work as a public speaking trainer, psychologist, and Head of Speakers in TEDxZurich. I also help, among others, lawyers, vocalists, actors, lecturers, and business people in preparation for their speeches in front of hundreds of people in the audience, as well as in conducting small meetings or presentations.

For many years I worked on controlling the stage fright that kept me awake at night. I have always wondered how to manage the internal critic, not worry about the opinion of others, and how to build a real sense of confidence on stage. Now I know the answer. I am also a lecturer at the University of Warsaw, where I teach students public speaking.

In 2021 I was chosen as one of the top 11 public-speaking coaches worldwide, according to the Coach Foundation ranking.

I have been training TED speakers for six years. I started as a coach, and then I led a team as Head of Speakers at TEDxWarsaw. After moving to Zurich, I joined TEDxZurich team. After several months as a speaker trainer, I took over the role of Head of Speakers at TEDxZurich.

I design the preparation process and supervise the next steps, from recruitment to the presentation on the stage. Under my wings, over 30 speakers have presented on the TED stage so far, including a speaker whose talk was selected as one of 230 editor’s picks out of 40,000 TED Talks.

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I am a psychologist, an ICF accredited coach at PCC level, and I operate three successful businesses. By combining my business and stage experience, I can guide you through the process of changing direction toward your goals. Based on my vast stage experience, I have gained the ability to provide adequate tools and methods of coaching that will support your development.

During individual coaching sessions, we will work on developing public speaking skills, such as creating interesting presentations using storytelling, improvising on stage, gesticulating, modulating the voice, and working with the breath. We can analyze your speeches and prepare upcoming presentations. Till now, I have more than 5 000 hours of sessions and workshops with clients.

Recently, I have given countless interviews, which made me aware of the importance of confidence in front of the camera. Having been involved in music since the age of 10, I know how stressful it can be to present to a wider audience. I studied music in cello and jazz vocal classes in the first and second grade of music school and right from the beginning I was faced with stage fright. After years of performing at many concerts, festivals, and workshops and performing in a musical about Cuba, I have learned not only how to manage my stress, but also to turn the stage into a safe environment where I thrive.

public speaking trainer Zurich Magda Kern
Magda Kern public speaking coaching training Zurich

I have visited more than 40 countries, and I continue this passion. I love meeting new people and trying new dishes. In my free time, I put on a polka-dot dress and travel to the 1930s, dancing the swing to the accompaniment of jazz big bands.

And as an adult who did not like to play the cello in childhood, I have rediscovered its charm. I drink hectoliters of tea from small cups, accompanied by books and series. Because my work is my passion, I have a lot of energy, I use it during meetings with friends and clients. I like to do experiments in the kitchen and discover different tastes from all around the world.



• Head of Speakers and trainer in TEDxZurich, coaching TEDx speakers for five years.

• Individual work on presentations with lawyers, managers, lecturers, musicians, students, etc.

• Conduction and design of training in the areas of communication, public speaking, stress management and self-presentation.

• Corporate experience in the Recruitment and Training Department at Skanska and Emmerson.

• Co-owner and Managing Director at Fenomeno. I manage up to 100 people in a season. The company deals with, among others, employee coaching, training, development programs, recruitment and coordinating the work of teams. Operation of three successful companies for the last seven years.

Clients testimonials

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“Magda has been my coach for several months over the period of a few months. My sessions with Magda are enormously productive and helpful. She is a problem solver who always suggests excellent solutions, as well as practical steps to reach those solutions. She is friendly and attentive with strong business experience. I highly recommend Magda as a coach.”


“Magda was my coach for a conference. She managed to give profound inputs concisely, which dramatically improved my talk. The feedback and interaction were incredibly efficient and pleasant. Thank you!”

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“Magda was my mentor in preparation for the conference. I was convinced that I knew a lot about speeches, but Magda really opened up my eyes and showed me a whole new world filled with the nuances of communication. She helped me achieve something we were both proud of. I highly recommend her to people looking to prepare for important speeches or people who work as orators.”


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