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How do we work during training in public speaking?

First of all, I put emphasis on practice and exercises. Knowing the theory is the basis, but in the case of public speaking, the most important thing is to practice and build lasting and good habits. During the workshops the participants get the opportunity to experience stress in a safe environment and present their content. Part of the training is feedback and the recording of speeches.

The training also includes practical tips that are proven to work. During the workshops, I can also use VR technology to practice speaking.

Training topics in public speaking in Zurich:

Interaction with the audience during presentation

  • How to answer difficult questions
  • How to answer questions that we don’t know the answer to
  • Communication
  • Rules of NVC- nonviolent communication
  • Maintaining commitment
  • Interactive speeches
  • Maintaining eye contact
  • How to engage the audience in your presentation
  • Online and offline tools to create an interaction with an audience

Interaction with the audience

Stress management, dealing with stage-fright

  • How to deal with stage fright
  • The causes of stress
  • Symptoms of stress
  • How to deal with emotions
  • Techniques for dealing with stress before public speaking
  • How to build self-confidence on the stage
  • Difference between fear and anxiety
  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy methods of dealing with stress
  • How to deal with self-critic
  • How to deal with hate


How to prepare multimedia presentation

  • Rules for creating multimedia presentations
  • The most common mistakes
  • Professional presentations
  • The best tools to create a multimedia presentation
  • How to present data

Multimedia presentation

Creating impacftul speeches

  • The structure of a good speech
  • Elements of storytelling in the presentation
  • Rhetorical tools
  • Speak like TED speakers
  • Create unforgettable speeches
  • Powerful body language

Creating speeches

Working with a microphone and a camera

  • Types of microphones and their operation
  • Clothing suitable for appearing in front of the camera
  • Working with the camera
  • How to create a deep sound of your voice with a microphone

Working with a microphone and a camera

Preparation of a press conference and contact with journalists

  • Rules for creating a press conference
  • Professional contact with journalists
  • Golden rules for giving interviews and statements
  • Crisis communication
  • How to answer difficult questions

Preparation of a press conference and contact with journalists

Effective communication

  • NVC and giraffe and jackal communication
  • Verbal communication
  • Nonverbal communication
  • Modalities
  • Cognitive errors
  • Ways of influencing the audience

Effective communication

Types of presentations

  • How to pitch?
  • Elevator pitch
  • Business presentations
  • Sales presentations
  • Private speeches
  • Keynote speech
  • Presentations for a small or large audience

Types of presentation

How to built an image on stage and during presentation

  • Outfit
  • First impression
  • Building a personal brand
  • Social media
  • Defining your own style
  • Building the speaker’s authority


Speech and voice apparatus

  • Diction
  • Proper and healthy breathing techniques
  • Voice emission
  • Hygiene of voice

Speech and voice apparatus

How to present on stage

  • How to eliminate the fillers from a speech
  • How to start and end a speech
  • Pace and dynamics
  • Planning the presentation time
  • Improvisation exercises
  • Stage movement
  • Phrasing

Performing on stage

Tough situations during public speaking

  • Demanding participants
  • Tough situations
  • Unforeseen situations

Tough situations

Organizational matters - publish speaking training in Zurich and Switzerland

I adapt the training to the needs of a given person or company. The recommended duration of the training is 2 days, 8 hours each. There is also the possibility of periodic, weekly classes or shortened 2 or 4-hour workshops in a narrow area. The client determines which areas are to be included in the training.

The number of people who can take part in public speaking workshops on-site or online is 1 to 12. Due to the nature of the training, I do not conduct it in very large groups. When there are more participants, I can give a lecture on public speaking and self-presentation. In this matter, please contact me individually.

Public speaking training can take place:
-Stationary in a selected place in Switzerland
-Online in an interactive form

My main place of public speaking training is Zurich, but I can also commute to any city in Swizterland.

-Participation in the training
-Individual analysis of training needs
-Certificate of participation

Magda Kern

Public speaking trainer in Zurich

She has a unique combination of experience and education in many disciplines that help her comprehensively prepare clients for speeches. She gained knowledge of business, sales, business etiquette, and the latest standards from her studies at the Warsaw School of Economics. Furthermore, she has extensive experience from working in a corporation and successfully running her own companies. Recently, she has given many interviews on television, press, and radio, which reinforced in her mind the significance of self-confidence and self-presentation skills in front of a camera.

The second pillar is psychology and coaching. Magda is a psychologist, a certified UW trainer, and a PCC coach accredited by the International Coach Federation. She completed postgraduate studies in coaching, an advanced course in business coaching, and several dozen training courses in soft skills.

The third pillar is stage activity. She was performing in the Cuban musical “Conoce mi Cuba”. She studied the cello in the first-degree music school, and later in the second-degree jazz vocal class. She has performed at countless concerts and festivals. For many years she has worked to overcome the stage fright that kept her awake at night, and today, supported by her experience and knowledge, she can help other people overcome the same fear. Magda is also a lecturer at the University of Warsaw, where she teaches students public speaking.

The fourth pillar of activity is TEDxZurich, in which she acts as Head of Speakers. She prepares speakers for their unforgettable speeches and designs their preparation process. So far, she has provided substantive support to speakers from several editions. In 2021 she was chosen as one of the top 11 public-speaking coaches worldwide 2021, according to the Coach Foundation ranking.

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