Opinions of my clients about individual and group training in public speaking

Kim (2)


Head of Poland, Germany i EMEA
Magda is great! Really like working with her. Thanks to Magda I was able to move to the next level of my presentation skills.
Magda has been my coach for several months over the period of end-2021 /early-2022. My sessions with Magda are enormously productive and helpful. She is a problem solver who always suggests excellent solutions, as well as practical steps to reach those solutions. She is friendly and attentive with strong business experience. I highly recommend Magda as a coach.


Founder & Editor of Magazine


Remote Sourcing Center Manager
Magda is a great coach and mentor. She is not only very effective in the way she helps others with improving their skills, but also makes it all so much fun! She is also very practical in her approach. During our sessions she showed my plenty of exercises that I was then able to perform myself. Magda is super pleasant to work with and I was very much looking forward to each and every session. The way I speak and present improved a lot and I got equipped with the tools to make it even better.
Magda has been a great source of knowledge, and more importantly – she’s done exceptionally well at sharing her expertise in the form of practical advice and training. Throughout the last few months, I grew from a hopeless amateur to a promising up-and-comer in public speaking craft, and I can see the difference in how I’m speaking and how the audience perceives me. My friends even said I’m now much better at giving toasts – if it’s not the recognition of progress, I don’t know what is 🙂


Business Developement Executive


Lecturer, PostDoc reasercher
Magda was my coach for TEDx conference. She managed to give profound inputs concisely which dramatically improved my talk. The feedback and interaction were incredibly efficient and pleasant. Thank you!
It is my pleasure to strongly recommend Magdalena as a coach and mentor. During our sessions, Magdalena displayed her skills and experience in many areas: presentation, team management, self-confidence, stress resistance, a good speaker of Polish and English. She is a very open person and creates a welcoming atmosphere where the person can grow and develop interpersonal skills. She gives important tips and tricks that everybody can use in a daily professional and private life. It was a great time and I will come back to Magdalena one day.


VAT manager, Whirpool


Head of Collaboration, Yellow Octopus
Interactive and thought-provoking – a wonderfully practical and engaging course – both personally and professionally! Lots of tips and life hacks for effective public speaking that can be applied quickly and easily. Thank you, Master, for a great course and experience!
I met Magda few months ago while I was searching for a professional coach. I wasn’t sure whether Magda can help me with some other topics than public speaking but I gave us a try…. That was a good decision because during our sessions, I have discovered that Magda has very extensive knowledge about various topics like decision making, feedback sharing, answering questions in a proper way, building team engagement, self-development, public speaking (we also trained that!) and many others. Magda even helped me with some of my personal topics & challenges. She is very humble and reliable person. You can count on her support and advice, even if the session wasn’t planned (ad hock meetings in case an urgent help is needed). Very disciplined and well self-organized person. We have already completed 15 sessions, though only few were initially planned..


Director & Board Member JTI


Digital Health Expert
Magda helped me prepare for several speeches. We had 10 great meetings. After the whole process, my presentations and speeches sparkled, and I am more self-confident. I will definitely use Magda’s help in the future.
Magda was my mentor in preparation for the TEDx conference. I was convinced that I knew a lot about speeches, but Magda really opened up my eyes and showed me a whole new world filled with the nuances of communication. She helped me achieve something we were both proud of. I highly recommend her to people looking to prepare for important speeches or people who work as orators.


Fashion Designer, TEDx Speaker


doctor, CEO of AIDA
Valuable advice and very useful knowledge, all in a wonderful atmosphere. During work I felt loose and accepted. Ingenuity and good impulses. I recommend Magda and thank you for the moments spent together.
Magda helped me to prepare for my TEDx speech. We worked on various presentation techniques in order to maximize audience engagement and optimize the flow of the presentation. Magda’s guidance and advice allowed me to handle stress, manage my time, control my voice and emotions and most importantly focus on what is important. I recommend performance coaching to anyone who wants to develop their public speaking.


Innovation Associate


Tedx Speaker
Magda showed me plenty of exercises for diction, public speaking skills and giving presentations. She quickly recognised my level and offered me the most effective exercises to help me better defend my arguments and improve my presentation abilities.
I wholeheartedly recommend Magda Kern as a public speaking coach. Our cooperation consisted in preparing my performance during TEDx Warsaw. Magda showed professionalism in training of movements, pronunciation and refining the expression. She is great at communication, she can listen and help to solve client problems thanks to which she can easily adjust the training strategies to a specific person in order to achieve the set goals.


Ms. Magda Kern led workshops on „Public speaking and building self-confidence on the stage” for 2 groups of PDH students at Warsaw University of Life Sciences in Kazimierz Dolny, at a scientific conference. During the workshops, Magda presented techniques for dealing with stress and critics, building self-confidence, and interacting with an audience. The training session was interactive and Magda Kern was involved, enthusiastic, and open to the needs of the participants. She provided a dynamic environment and highly effective exercises in which the participants interacted with each other and felt comfortable practicing new techniques. The leader presented knowledge in a clear and visual way. The content learned was evaluated by the participants as really useful and also easy to adopt. With full certainty, we can recommend Magda as a professional and involved soft skills coach.

Kamil Muzyka

Tedx Speaker, cosmic law specialist
During my training with Magda I learnt how to manage my time during my public performance, overcome my stage fright, and concisely explain information. I could always count on honest feedback. Magda provided a stress-free and safe environment in which to practice and make progress. Not only did coaching improve my hard skills, but it also made me realize the significance of self-development. Results of coaching are visible both in the courtroom and in contact with clients.


Associate Professor at Warsaw University of Life Sciences, Magdalena Król


I had the pleasure to take part in Magda’s training within the scope of the project “Genialny Mówca” (“Brilliant Speaker”) at Warsaw School of Economics. The training was about self-development. I must admit that I was surprised how it was carried out! Although unexpected, it turned out that her style of training is exactly what I needed. Magda showed me tools and methods, thanks to which I will be working on self-development at home. Even though the training lasted about three hours, it provided me with enough material and impetus to keep me engaged for the following months. I hope I will have a chance to take part in Magda’s training once again in the future.
During every meeting, Magda showed her vast knowledge and experience. Her liveness openness and warmth were on display at every moment and she always acted like a professional. All the tools she used during our cooperation helped me through the whole process. After each session, I was in some way changed and focused on being active. I sincerely recommend Magda because of her skills and who she is, trustworthy and open.




Coaching sessions with Magda opened me up to different perspectives. She pointed out my subconscious issues like my internal, limiting beliefs. She helped me deal with them and start accomplishing goals using optimism and belief in success. I am satisfied with our meetings. Magda was always full of compassion and she gave me constructive feedback. Also, she made me get in touch with my positive side. I sincerely recommend her!
I had four sessions with Magda, each of which was very constructive and engaging. Magda suggested solving problems on an ongoing basis and helped me perform difficult exercises. Also she is an open and nice person with whom you can feel at ease.


Fashion designer


PHD of WMW UWM in Olsztyn
Do you want to discover the undiscovered? Do you want to change things that are unchangeable? Or maybe be more self-confident and find a way to achieve your own goals, but not other people’s goals? In this situation you need coaching. But if you want to make a really big change in your life, coaching is not enough. You need Magda Kern.
During Magda’s workshops I was provided with a pill of self-confidence and many practical hacks about the art of public speaking. Since then, I have wanted nothing more than to practice it😊 I wish anyone who is looking for a competent, charismatic and passionate coach to get to know you, Magda. I have a strong feeling that we will meet again and I can’t wait for it. I’m sending you my sincere greetings!




PR manager
Magda Kern held the “Building self-confidence, working on the stage and internal critic” workshop at the Warsaw School of Economics during the “The Genius Speaker” project. During the workshop, the lecturer showed us many useful techniques and methods for dealing with stage fright and its effects, criticism, internal fears, and building self-confidence. Magda presented her knowledge in a clear way and the participants were satisfied and assessed the training as very useful for everyday life and in public speeches. We are extremely grateful to Magda for her time in preparing a great workshop. We can certainly recommend Magda as excellent soft skills and public speaking trainer.
Magda isn’t a coach who overindulges her clients. You can cry on her shoulder of course, but then you must start acting. She enthuses her customers with good energy, mobilization and discipline. She is supportive, but also demanding. She teaches, but does not make you addicted to her own behaviour techniques. She presents tools and suggests to you ways of incorporating them into your own toolbox. The most important thing I have learnt is autonomy. Now I know I should not be stuck in difficult situations but I should rather be looking for some solutions. Thanks to Magda I know how to find them.

SKN of Acceleration



Tedx Speaker, Big Data Analyst
Magda displayed not only experience but also emotional intelligence. This natural gift – the ability to look at the speech from both perspectives – the listener and the speaker – was very valuable. It enabled a good flow of communication, which was also helped by Magda’s great flexibility regarding the form of speech. She did not impose her will, but helped to bring out from the speaker and the subject what is unique and sincere in him. Add to this her diligence (regular contact), clarity of the message and faith in success, and a positive outcome becomes inevitable. The speech itself went great – with Magda as your mentor you can’t go wrong!
Working with Magda during the preparations for TEDxWarsawWomen was a great experience. I felt support from Magda at every stage of the speech preparation, especially in the last days before the speech, Magda turned out to be irreplaceable. I also got a lot of practical tips and advice about the content and form of speech as well as the way it is delivered. I would definitely not have made it to the red dot on my own so thank you Magda, my mentor, for doing it together.


Founder of ``Rumianki i bratki``


Ms. Magda Kern, with full professionalism, conducted the training for members of the Toastmasters Leaders Club in Warsaw. The training was organized in the form of practical workshops, and the activities were conducted in a very interesting way, taking into account the specific needs of the club members. In addition to excellent substantive preparation, Magda Kern also showed the ability to create a great atmosphere and easy contact with training participants. She provided comprehensive answers to the questions asked. I can certainly recommend Magda Kern to everyone who expects practical training at the highest level.
Magda Kern conducted a series of training for an employee of our company in public speaking. The training covered issues such as: coping with stress, rules for creating presentations, building contact with the audience, and self-confidence on the stage. Magda Kern comprehensively prepared the employee for an important presentation for our company in front of a large audience. In a very skillful way, she shared specific tips regarding, among others, body language, text interpretation, and creating unconventional content and rules of communication. Magda proved to be a competent, professional, and reliable person during the classes with a very nice disposition. The meetings were held in a pleasant atmosphere with a sense of effectively used time. Thanks to coaching, the employee has achieved the intended goal and the knowledge she has acquired, used daily in my work, and shared with her colleagues.