How to create a compelling pitch? How to write a pitch? 10 rules of creating a pitch

How to create a compelling pitch? How to write a pitch? 10 rules of creating a pitch

How to pitch? Zurich, Basel, Zug

I had the immense pleasure of being part of the jury of 3MT at the Universität St.Gallen (HSG) in Switzerland. The Three Minute Thesis is an academic research communication competition developed by The University of Queensland. Yesterday, eight incredible PhD students were presenting their ideas. Thanks to Prof. Jamie Gloor the fantastic event could take place.

A "must have" list for your pitch. How to do a top-notch pitch?

Think about your pitch from the audience’s perspective. What is essential for them? Why did they come to listen to you? What might be valuable for them?

Practice makes perfect. If the content of your pitch is well trained, your stress level will be lower, and you will be more confident on the stage, making it easier to convince the audience.

Think about which words are necessary and which are nice to have.

Engage the audience by using, for example, a question or a simple call to action.

A strong start will catch the attention of the audience.

Do something different than others.

Learn the text by heart, that you breathe it. Then, focus on the delivery: body language, gesticulation, pace, volume, clear pronunciation, breathing, stage movement, and eye contact.

Try to say your idea in 3 minutes, but also one. Then you can see the key message you want to deliver.

Be a star, and let the presentation be a second-role actor. For a short presentation, 1-2 slides are sufficient.

Be ok with the fact that you can’t talk about everything and go into details. Once you intrigue the audience, they will come to you to listen more.

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