Do scientists, engineers and IT workers should learn how to present❓

Do scientists, engineers and IT workers should learn how to present❓

Public speaking training for scientists, IT, and engineers. Why do they need that?

In mid-September,  I had the pleasure of conducting a public speaking workshop in Basel for PhD students during the Conference ECOC Exhibition, the largest optical communications exhibition in Europe. We talked about how to gesticulate, move on the stage, manage stress, work with a microphone, build an interesting presentation structure, create an appealing multimedia presentation, and what is the best manner of speaking.

Is it worth learning public speaking skills?

And yes, scientists, engineers and programmers should learn how to present. Really often, they don’t learn public speaking during their studies. In the end, they have many incredible discoveries to share with people.

? The way how they deliver speech influences the perception of their findings.
? A good presentation can captivate the audience’s attention.
? It also can help to digest the content for a non-expert audience.

You can learn more about how to present data during a training in Zurich:

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Relaxation techniques

You are not alone.
According to the National Institute of Mental Health, approximately 74% of people suffer from speech anxiety to some extent. This fear of public speaking can significantly impact our personal and professional lives. It can cause avoidance behaviors like declining speaking engagements, not accepting promotions, or skipping presentations. The good news is that there are some tools available to help you learn to manage stress. Find out more in this article.

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How does your mind trick you?

From an evolutionary point of view, having opinions, beliefs, typical patterns of action or assessments has its justification. Mechanical behavior has both negative consequences and also positive ones.
They shorten the time for making decisions, which can be an energy-consuming activity. It would be hard for us to function if we had to wonder every morning whether we should stop at a red light, whether we could touch a hot pot, or whether walking along a dark street at night, it is worth making new friends with a person carrying a knife.

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